Join an Immersive Holistic Leadership Retreat in Bali and Komodo Islands

25th May - 1st June 2024

Embody effortless leadership. Move with nature's intelligence. Access your genius-state.

Start playing Leadership at your highest Level!

This retreat is for...

conscious leaders who desire to lead with their innate power by integrating all aspects of their being.

Discover how to lead from your deepest core, access your untapped leadership potential, and lead with power and integrity. Experience the profound transformation that takes place when you truly meet yourself in all aspects of your being and align them with your service and mission.

In conventional leadership we lead from a limited, fragmented part of ourselves. The identification with only a small part of ourselves costs us our power, it costs us our insights, our clarity, our vision, the innate wisdom and intuition which is an integral part of ourselves.

In Holistic Leadership we integrate all aspects of our being and we experience who we are in truth, we experience ourselves as whole, and as interconnected with all things. Holistic Leadership moves us from a state of separation to a state of Oneness, where our true power lies.

Re-Learn to Play and Access
your Genius-State of Leadership

What to expect

Deepen your Integrity

Know yourself beyond your conditioning. Stay true to your vision, values and purpose. Discover your core, your edge, and your innate brilliance.

Experience your Power

Embody and actualise your authentic power as a leader: The non-circumstantial power born from the deepest core of who you are.

Discover Effortless Leadership

Lead from your being, move in harmony with life rather than against it to maximise effectiveness.

Cultivate Compassion

Experience your interconnectedness with all things and let compassion guide your leadership.

Access your Genius-State

Break through limiting patterns through play and unlock your Genius-State of Leadership by playing leadership as a high level game.

Balance Active and Receptive Energies

Know when to guide and act versus when to be receptive and let things be done for you.

Awaken the Embodied Leader within you

Reconnect with your higher inspiration to clarify your vision and awaken the desire in others to follow you.

Strengthen your Intuition and Sharpen your Instincts

Re-integrate the wisdom of your primal self that knows before the mind knows.

Retreat Itinerary:

Day 1-3: Bali Intensive Trainings

Day 4: Flight to Komodo Islands

Day 4-8: Trainings will continue on our private boat

sailing Floressee and on Komodo Islands

Day 8: Flight back and completion of retreat in Bali


Meet the Team

You will be guided on a deep journey into Self and beyond by a team of
visionary leaders who have been leading and educating all over the world and
in various disciplines:

Dr. Siobhán Ewert


Neuroscience, Medicine, Education, UN Development Work, Authentic Power, Holistic Leadership, Business & Spirituality

Sugeng Madeira


Bodywork, Energetic Realignment,
Mental and Emotional Healing, Martial Arts, Yoga, Dance and Capoeira

Henzo Rashed


Travel, Nature Adventures, Local Communities Development and Sustainable Tourism Advocate, Talent and Client Management

Himanshu Bisht

Tribe builder

Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Business Consulting and Coaching to Support Building Meaningful Businesses and a Lifestyle of Freedom

"The Master doesn't think about his actions;
they flow from the core of his being."

Tao Te Ching

Experience to Embody: Deepen your presence and expand your consciousness in breathtaking nature. Be nourished, challenged and held by an experienced team within a group of conscious leaders.

You will emerge from this retreat a strong, confident leader, whole, present, playful, listening and responding to the cues of life in support of your life and mission.


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* Spaces are limited: For this intimate retreat experience we only take a maximum of 10 participants